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 Mindfulness For Practitioners -
4-Part Class

Nurture your mind body social and nature connection and discover how to hold space for yourself, others and the natural world. Join Marion Miller for an online Nature-Based Mindfulness- 4 Part Class. 

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What to Expect in Our Mindfulness For Practitioners - 4-Part Class

Our Mindfulness class provides an opportunity for you to slow down, nurture peace of mind, find balance, clarity and connection in the natural world. In modern life we are increasingly lost in digital screens and human-centric places and as a result feel numb, dull, distracted and disconnected from each other and nature. The conditions of modern life are troubling at times and mindfulness in nature is a powerful way to connect with stillness, fortitude and resilience. 


Discover why mindfulness is an important skill for wellbeing, holding space for others and developing an ecological perspective in nature. Allow the wonder and awe of nature to move you into deepening connection and participation in this precious life. Learn mindfulness and ecotherapy skills  and approaches for connection to yourself, community and the natural world through systematic practice, interpersonal dialogue and inquiry, creative activities and guided homework connecting to nature and place.

The Mindfulness 4-part Class is an authentic way to be in nature and will help you develop a habit of awakening your sensory awareness. We encourage you to develop a receptive, open quality of awareness that allows a rich sensitivity to mind body social and environmental context. Over the four weeks you will learn how to navigate a helpful practice, how to understand habitual thinking patterns and how to liberate your mind from cultural ideas you are seperate self. Learn how to hold space for meaningful mind body social and nature connection and deepen your relational skills with compassion, creativity and wisdom.

Join us in developing insight, clarity and a somatic experience of your place in the web of life. Discover how to move through stress with greater ease and resilience. Take your practice off the cushion and into nature, working cooperatively with others and mindfully connecting in all that you do. Join our 4-part class to wake up to this moment and the beauty and wonder of this changing earth. Learn practical tools and the knowledge to support you to rise to the challenges of our time, develop an adaptive systems mindset and be more in harmony with the natural world.

The Benefits of our Mindfulness Class Include:

Cultivating a natural mindful presence

• Develop capacity to connect and hold space

• Open and expand your field of attention

• Reduced stress and increase resilience

• Cultivate an embodied somatic practice

• Increased clarity and meta awareness 

• Develop insight, creativity and imagination

• Attune to wonder, awe and beauty of nature

• Strengthen intuitive and ecological perception

How Does it Work?

Our class series runs every school term and you will develop practices you can do inside or outside in nature. We meet on Zoom across the four weeks for one and half hours that includes theory, activity, experiential practice and discussion. You will receive a homework email with a weekly worksheet, practice and activity. This four part class is ideal professional development for people in the helping professions, practitioners, teachers, professionals who work with others or in leadership or anyone else wanting to learn a relational life skill for wellbeing, social and nature connection. Registration is via, Marion's other website. Please click here to register or contact Marion via email to find out more about the next intake.

What will you learn?

What will you learn?

Week 1 Class: Entering Mindfulness

Discover the foundations of mindfulness and the core mindfulness mindsets that weave an effective practice. Explore how to awaken your senses, rewild your mind, and rediscover your intuition and instinct. Expand awareness to better understand the seeds of your suffering and move beyond the illusion of separation and towards intentional ecological being, thinking and living. Explore the first of a series of beneficial mind-body-nature practices designed to support awakening within yourself and others.

Week 2 Class: Mind-Body-Social-Nature Connection 

Understand how minds influence bodies and how bodies influence minds. Cultivate beginners mind as you observe patterns of thinking, feeling, and sensing, and ways of listening that develop trust. Develop awareness and recognise the interconnection of context in thoughts, emotions, family, culture, ancestry and environment. Explore the second in a series of beneficial mind-body-nature practices to help you embody awareness, foster insight, and deepen connections.

Week 3 Class: Navigating Difficulty With Compassion 

Learn about attention and attachment, auto-pilot mode and how to orient fear and suffering with greater ease. Understand the differences between approaching versus avoiding, distraction, and resistance. Navigate your own stress response, co-regulating and supporting others to regulate through transformative awareness. Develop compassion in the face of life's complexities, keeping your heart mind open to release and resilience. Explore the third in a series of beneficial mind-body-nature practices to help you hold space with gentle strength.

Week 4 Class: Bringing Mindfulness to Your Life and Work

Cultivate everyday habits and discipline for mindfulness to help you find belonging in your life, work and place. Explore the interconnections between the past, present, and future, and how this understanding can help shape a meaningful, interconnected and coherent life narrative. Live a more enchanted life marked by moments of wonder, awe and playfulness and feel a greater sense of belonging to this world. . Explore the forth in a series of beneficial mind-body-nature practices to help you clarify your authentic vision and continue to grow mindfully.

Nature based mindfulness

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4-Part Class with Marion Miller

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About the founder of The Eco Retreat

Marion Miller is a certified Ecotherpist, Coach,  MBSR Mindfulness Teacher, licensed counsellor and the founder of The Eco Retreat. She works as a senior consultant in wellbeing and counselling as well as offering mindfulness based wellbeing and leadership coaching to organisations, community and in private practice. Marion will be facilitating the nature based mindfulness class.

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