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Mindfulness in Nature Interview with Ecotherapist Marion Miller

Marion's interview in Mindfulness in Nature Magazine by Wellbeing available at Woolworths and other leading news agencies or online.

This magazine celebrates the profound connection between humans and nature. It explores how spending mindful time outdoors can rejuvenate and realign our energy. Through anecdotes and insights, it delves into the concept of biophilia, suggesting that our innate connection with nature is essential for our well-being.

Drawing from the wisdom of naturalists like John Muir, it advocates for "rewilding" as a therapeutic tool to rediscover our instincts and intuition. The magazine offers practical guidance on how to cultivate mindfulness in nature, inviting readers to embrace the present moment and find solace in the wonders of the outdoors.

Mindfulness in nature
Mindfulness in Anderson Park.png
Mindfulness in Anderson Park

Mindfulness in Anderson Park, Hawthorn Project in Collaboration with Boroondarra Council

Mindfulness in the Parks is a grass roots project I created after teaching clients mindfulness in the local parks during Covid lockdowns. The local birds, gentle wind, scent of flowers or warm sunshine graced our sessions and became the inspiration for recording the mindfulness in the parks project.


You can now enjoy the series of 5 Eco-Mindfulness practices on a walk in Anderson park in Hawthorn East or in your own backyard. The Mindfulness in the Parks project was born in collaboration with Boroondara Council Health and Sustainability. The project is now featured on walking maps by Victoria Walks.

You can also listen to the eco-mindfulness practices in your own backyard, school or local park via Sound Cloud. Contact me if you are interested in establishing your own Eco-Mindfulness project in your municipality or on site at your location. 

Mindfulness in Anderson Park.png

Eco Mindfulness Sessions in collaboration with  Stonnington Council Sustainability & Climate Watch

Join us for a session to learn about our ClimateWatch trails along the Birrarung (Yarra). Learn about how we as community members can contribute to meaningful data on climate science and out local plants and animals.

Then relax and form a deeper connection with both spaces through a guided Eco-mindfulness session with Marion Miller. Take part in a depth inquiry into your relationship with your local natural environment. 
Please download the ClimateWatch app ( prior to arriving.

South Yarra Trail Saturday 1st April | Glen iris Wetlands 12th April

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