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Nature Therapy Melbourne

Nature-based Events
for Health & Wellbeing

in Melbourne & Victoria.

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Reclaim Your Wellbeing & Nature Connection with our
Creative, Mindfulness & Ecotherapy Community Events 

At The Eco Retreat, we understand that individual health and  wellbeing as not just an individual state but existing in the context of community and the natural living world. Our gatherings support and empower creative, local and regenerative ways of being in connection with community and nature through social and nature based events. We're helping build resilient individuals, compassionate wise communities and creative and collective action. Our events are guided by qualified counsellors, ecotherapists, coaches, educators and scholars across Victoria, We facilitate holding space for knowledge sharing, social and emotional expression, creativity and deepening connections to support the development of active nature-connected communities. Experience the regenerative impacts of mindfulness, arts and eco approaches and participate in a supportive and inclusive community woven harmoniously into the wider web of life. 

The Benefits of our Nature-Based Events:

• Improved health, wellbeing and resilience

• Cultivating a natural mindful presence

• Reduced loneliness and isolation

• Increase cooperation and particpation

• Expansive and open awareness

• Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

• Increased clarity and concentration

• Experience more awe, wonder and joy

• Greater insight, creativity and connections

• Develop an ecological worldview

• Detox from technology and tune into nature

Our group offerings are designed by qualified counsellors, ecotherapists, educators and mindfulness teachers. We collaborate with a community of specialised and diverse practitioners. We are integrate mindfulness, creativity, social and nature prescriptive approaches in our events. We are culturally aware, inclusive, trauma informed and multi-disciplinary. We currently have an online nature based 4-part class starting on July 22nd. Register online to be a part of it or sign up to our newsletter to find out when our next event is on.

“Ecological ideas won’t save us, what we need is ecological identity, ecological self” –Arne Naess

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Mindfulness in Nature: Ecotherapy interview with Marion Miller

Available at Woolworths supermarket, leading newsagencies or online via the Universal shop.

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