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About The Eco Retreat

The Eco Retreat (TER) project is inspired by an on-going movement toward healing humans relationship with nature. Marion and Richard, the founders of The Eco Retreat, spent time in childhood living on the land in farming communities. Richard in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia and Marion east of Launceston in regional Tasmania. Both have a deep love and respect of nature.

Marion has been working in wellbeing and leadership coaching, counselling and teaching mindfulness for over 15 years in community, education and organisations. She's also a volunteer with Rewilding Stonnington and involved in local environmental projects. Through TER project she is helping humans reconnect to nature and take action to live and lead more sustainability.  

Richard (Marion's partner) is a leading technologist of a SaaS sustainability company that is helping take the building industry on a decarbonisation journey. Richard is passionate about figuring out how humanity will transition to a more sustainable world and as well as being a mindfulness and wellbeing advocate. 

The Eco Retreat project was created to share nature connection and sustainability initiatives we are working on. We hope to attract visionaries, healers, specialists, designers, artisans, NGO's, student's, culturally diverse people, activists, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, technologists and change makers to be involved.

In June 2022, the World Health Organisation launched a policy brief urging countries to incorporate mental health support into their climate change responses. People around the world increasingly report feeling anxious, stressed, despair and even hopeless about climate change. Despite the urgency of the climate crisis many people are simply too overwhelmed but there are also many people doing amazing work and it is important we connect with others and work together as we create a healthier way of life. 

At home we are working toward our shared vision of establishing a coastal wilderness "eco-retreat" for landcare, rewilding, community projects and sustainable living initiatives in regional Victoria. Our aim is to build a small community, develop creative and resilient systems for the locals and wholesome leaders to live, work and lead in harmony with the natural world.​

Image: Marion and Richard along the Victorian coastline in Winter 2023

Nature Therapy Victoria

Our Vision

We aim to strengthen our community, wellbeing and nature connection and empower the people to make a life-sustaining difference in the world. 

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