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Connection to place nature based mindfulness course

Connection to Place: Nature-Based Mindfulness Course

Discover the profound enchantment of mindfulness, ancestral wisdom, and heartfelt connection with Nature Mindfulness and Connection to Place, 3-Part Online Course.


With nature & Marion as your guide, explore stories that reveal your truth, a deeper connection to who you are & discover a sense of belonging to nature & place.

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Are you seeking a profound connection to the natural world and a deeper understanding of your own place within it? Are you yearning for mindfulness, self-discovery, playfulness and a sense of belonging that resonates with your soul? If so, our three part course is your gateway to reclaiming your own creative connection with the natural world. Discover how nature connection and wellbeing are intrinsically linked. Journey through an inner and outer nature discovery as you learn how to reconnect to the natural world more deeply. 


In a world that is constantly focussed on screens and indoor working and living, humans are feeling more dull and disconnected from each other and the natural world than ever before. Through mindfulness and nature therapy we can reawaken our intrinsic connection and actively care for and repair nature.


Join experienced mindfulness teacher and nature therapist Marion Miller as she leads you in a program designed to deepen your sense of connection to nature and local place. Discover a renewed sense of belonging in the natural world and begin a life-sustaining wellbeing journey.

Join us in slowing down to connect more deeply with ourselves, each other and the places we live, work and inhabit. As we journey together across the 3 weeks, explore stories from the past that have shaped you and how the present in influencing who you will become. Discover how to craft meaning, grow deeper roots, actively protect nature and find belonging in your place.

Nature Therapy Melbourne

Connection to Place: Nature-Based Mindfulness Course Outline


Week 1: 

Inner and Outer Nature - Embodying Nature Connection

Minds change bodies, and bodies change minds and all this happens in the wider context of natural ecosystems. Learn about the connection between thoughts, emotions, somatic awareness and behavioural habits. Practice mindfulness attitudes, open up your identity to the elemental world and re-discover inter-being and animism. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world, open your senses, ground yourself in the present moment, and forge a profound relationship with the elements that shape your environment. Discover the joy of shifting out of habitual thinking to embrace instinctive knowledge and awareness. Find your own sacred sit spot in nature and watch as it transforms your relationship with life. 


Week 2:

Unearthing Your Creative Self - Stories, Ancestry, and Visions of Deep Time.

Reconnect with the stories that shaped your childhood, and unveil the rich tapestry of your family of origin. Creatively journey into the past to map your story to ancestral land, gaining profound insights into your roots. Explore the natural elements that have influenced your life and envision your future self, purpose, and place. Create your own spirit house and practice a nature ritual and continue to allow your story to be uncovered through daily habit.


Week 3: 

Rooted in Belonging - Caring for Country and Protecting What We Love

Deepen your connection to the local environment by understanding it's first nations people and history, geography and communities. As we become intimate with nature and open our heart we discover how much we care. Reflect on the difficult emotions we feel as parts of nature are harmed as a result of the climate crisis. Actively transform feelings of despair into movement to care and protect mother nature. Learn about sustainable living activities in your local community. Explore mindful gardening for biodiversity, movement, wilderness adventures and walking that will sustain your nature connection and give you a renewed sense of purpose.

"I very much enjoyed the connection to place course. Marion shared such interesting insights and exercises that really helped me to deepen my relationship with the nature around me and surprisingly it also deepened my connection to myself. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Marion!"

Nature-Based Mindfulness Course Features


Access to guided Eco-Meditation playlist


Join live online sessions from the privacy of your own home


Flexible self-paced digital readings and exercises


Follow up Emails with Video, Resources & Support

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About your facilitator: Marion Miller

Marion Miller is a Nature Therapist, Professional Coach,  Mindfulness Teacher and the founder of The Eco Retreat. She's worked in wellbeing and mental health for the Department of Education as well as offering mindfulness for wellbeing and leadership coaching to organisations, community and in private practice. Marion has trained in ecotherapy and a graduate of the Eco Champ program in Stonnington. She is passionate about deep ecology, active mindfulness, sustainable living, creativity and bringing together wellbeing and sustainability to heal humans and the earth. 

Why Choose Our Nature Therapy Course?

  • Transformation: Discover a profound sense of belonging, mindfulness, and wonder that can change your life.

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced and passionate Mindfulness teacher and Ecotherapist Marion Miller will lead you on this inspiring journey, providing guidance, support, and a wealth of knowledge.

  • Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for nature, self-discovery, and sustainable living.

  • Practical Skills: Gain practical skills to nurture your connection to the natural world and your own sense of wellbeing and place.

  • Personal Growth: Unearth your true self, explore your ancestral roots, and craft a vision for a more purposeful future.


Ready to Begin Your Journey?


Don't miss this opportunity to embark on an exploration in connecting to place. Register now for our Nature-Based Mindfulness & Connection to Place Course and unlock the wonders of mindfulness, self-discovery, and a deep sense of connection and rootedness to your environment. Limited spots available. Reserve your place today for our next course and step into a world of mindfulness, belonging, and wonder.

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